The Art of David Holmes

"No, that’s not a photograph…"

Welcome to my new tumblr page. I am an artist who paints photo-realistic city scenes.

Some folks are a bit confused when they see the images at first, since they do tend to look like regular photographs (this is especially true when viewed on a computer monitor at reduced scale). However I can assure you that everything you see here is, in fact, a painting. I take pictures of interesting locations, then use that as a reference to guide my painting. I don’t use an airbrush, nor do I paint over the existing photo. It is all done by hand with a small brush. Yes, it does take a long time. Several months, usually.

I hope you enjoy my work and stop back to check in from time to time. I will be posting pictures of my current piece in progress, so you can see how it develops over time.
Thanks for visiting!